What to Expect from Your Gastric Band Surgery

What to Expect from Your Gastric Band SurgeryWhat to Expect from Your Gastric Band Surgery

If you’re considering gastric band surgery, it is a good idea to make sure you have realistic ideas and expectations for your surgery.

What to Expect Before Surgery

Once you’ve been approved for gastric band surgery, you will be given detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself for surgery. You will be limited to what you are able to eat and drink, and certain lifestyle changes may need to be made before your surgery. Lifestyle changes may include counselling before surgery, changes in diet and exercise, a gentle activity program and quitting smoking.

Your bariatric surgeon will also want to evaluate you to ensure that:

  • You are mentally and medically ready for your procedure
  • You’ve made any and all required dietary changes prior to your procedure
  • You haven’t gained any extra weight prior to your surgery

Your surgeon may have to delay or cancel your surgery if they determine for any reason that you are not ready, or if any of the above requirements have not been met.

How Much Weight will You Lose?

Dr. Choi will help you to determine how much weight you need to lose to eventually achieve a healthy weight. Your doctor will want to set achievable weight loss goals in the beginning. One to two pounds every week is usually average after gastric band surgery, and an average of 52% of excess weight is usually lost.

Just remember that your goal is to lose weight gradually. Losing too much weight too quickly isn’t good for your body.

Post-Bariatric Lifestyle

A large part of a successful gastric band surgery is the changes you will implement in your diet and lifestyle. You want your surgery to encourage lasting results, so post-surgery lifestyle is very important. Your bariatric surgeon will have a specific diet for you to follow in the first months following your weight loss surgery.

Other considerations after your gastric band surgery will be:

  • Physical activity. You’ll want to find an exercise routine that best suits your lifestyle. Your doctor will help you decide on how much activity you can do after your surgery.
  • Emotional support or counseling. Life after gastric band surgery is a large adjustment. It is usually a good idea to find some sort of counseling after your surgery like a support group or therapist.
  • Regular check-ups with your doctor. Since the months following your surgery are so critical for your long-term success, you’ll want to work closely with your doctor. They will ensure that you are losing the right amount of weight and making the right steps towards a healthier lifestyle.