Why Choose Us?

From our foundation to our aftercare, experience has guided us to our current position as a leader in bariatric surgery. Dr. Michael Choi, a board-certified surgeon, created a practice that elevated the level of treatment and success that patients were seeing. The relationship he has with his patients is unparalleled. He takes great pride in ensuring the emotional and physical wellness of patients pre-op and post-op is positive and healthy.

Today Dr. Choi’s practice has grown to be a respected practice that helps thousands of people find the weight loss success desired. Dr. Michael Choi represents South Florida’s elite institution for the treatment of morbid obesity.

With over 5,000 successful surgeries, Dr. Choi has been serving the South Florida community for 14 years. Dr. Choi serves as a Director of Bariatrics at Broward Health and is an official examiner of American Osteopathic Board of Surgery.