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5 Most Common Bariatric Surgery Myths & Misconceptions

Table of Contents

Obesity isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Being obese can affect multiple organs in the body and can be a threat to your health and wellness. Bariatric surgery is a type of weight-loss surgery that is used to treat obesity, giving you a new lease on life. Unfortunately, there are a few myths and misconceptions about this obesity surgery that act as a deterrent to many people who could actually benefit from it.

Dr. Michael Choi, a highly experienced weight loss surgeon with over 5,000 successfully completed surgeries helps to bust some of the more common bariatric surgery myths and misconceptions.  

#1. Bariatric surgery is a solution for lazy obese people looking for an easy way to lose weight

This is one of the most damaging and also the most common myths about this type of obesity surgery. While many of us can lose weight with diet and exercise, not everyone can. Obesity is more than just being overweight. It is often caused by a combination of physiological, metabolic, and environmental factors that makes it difficult to overcome simply through diet and exercise.  This is where bariatric surgery can help.

#2. The surgery is a waste as you will almost certainly regain the lost weight

Several studies have been done on patients who have undergone this surgery. These studies showed that patients who underwent this procedure showed hugely positive results for short and long-term weight loss. Not only did they lose more weight in the first year but they also kept it off longer.

#3. Once I get the surgery, I can eat all that I want without worrying about weight gain

This misconception is the reason why many people are disappointed with their results. If you continue to lead a sedentary life and eat what you want, you will regain the weight you lost.

No surgery ever acts as a magic fix-all to any problem. Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the tools in your weight loss arsenal. This sleeve surgery gives you the help and motivation you need to get started but diet control and exercise are necessary to keep that weight off. Long-term weight loss requires a lifelong commitment to making healthy life choices.

#4. You cannot get pregnant or have a healthy pregnancy after bariatric surgery

On the contrary, women who lose weight after bariatric surgery have a greater chance of getting pregnant and having a normal healthy pregnancy as compared to women who are obese. The fact is, obesity plays a major role in infertility in women. It also increases the risk of developing gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, infections, and blood clots. Losing weight lowers these risks significantly.

#5. Bariatric surgery is too dangerous for older people

Age can be a risk factor with any procedure, not just with weight loss surgery. This is more so if the older person has any other accompanying health issues, which is often the case. However, age by itself is not an excluding factor. When you visit Fort Lauderdale weight loss clinic, Dr. Michael Choi will first conduct a thorough health assessment before determining whether or not bariatric surgery is the right solution for you. 

Don’t let the myths and misconceptions surrounding bariatric surgery stop you from enjoying the benefits of this life-changing procedure. Contact Dr. Michael Choi today to separate the facts from the myths and get a proper assessment from an experienced weight loss surgeon. Many people who were initially hesitant about undergoing obesity surgery and worried about the after-effects now highly recommend visiting Dr. Choi for the best results from a skilled and caring surgeon.