Honesty is the Best Policy after Weight Loss Surgery

Honesty is the Best Policy after Weight Loss SurgeryYou want to lose weight, so you made a commitment with your best friend that you would go to the gym together three times a week, helping each other work towards your goals. The problem is that you don’t like the gym and how you feel surrounded by mirrors and spandex clad svelte bodies. . You know your friend probably won’t go to the gym without you but instead of telling her how you feel about the gym you a quick text with a made up an excuse.

Now you feel terrible and have an almost uncontrollable urge to find solace with some comfort food.

A Truth Problem

Everyone has lied before, but no one likes to get caught in a lie. We do better when we are honest from the start, because it’s usually much less complicated. Still, we often find ourselves caught up in the moment, letting something through our lips that isn’t true. Whether you are exaggerating an accomplishment, playing down a failure or making up an excuse to get out of a situation, lying is something we all do, both to ourselves and others.

But after bariatric surgery, there is one person in particular who you shouldn’t lie to—yourself. Telling yourself it is OK to miss your workout because you’ve worked out every night this week is OK when it is true, but maybe have a second look at your calendar to determine when the last time you truly worked out was. Instead of making up an excuse about why you can’t work out, tell your friend how much you don’t want to go to the gym, but that you still want to work out. She might feel the same way and you might be able to do something you enjoy as a workout instead.

We lie to ourselves all the time. We make situations seem prettier in our heads than they actually are, and sometimes our lies are so attractive that we start believing them. Don’t let your lies dissuade you from being proactive in your weight loss goals. Being honest with yourself after weight loss surgery will help you feel better and stay on the right track.

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