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Brent: Lap Band Surgery

Brent weight loss success stories - lap band surgery
Table of Contents

Before getting Lap Band surgery, Brent weighed 309 pounds. At this point he was wearing a size 42 in pants, and an XXL shirt. He made the decision to get Lap Band surgery and dropped more than 100 pounds and several pant sizes.

Weight Loss Transformation

He now weighs 203 pounds and wears a size 34 waist. Brent says that to put his weight loss in perspective, the number of pounds he dropped is equal to his wife’s entire body weight. He lost his whole wife!

Starting Weight: 309 lbs.

Pant Size: 42

Shirt Size: XXL

After Weight: 203 lbs. (lost my whole wife!)

Pant Size: 34

Shirt Size: L