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Can You Get Too Skinny After Gastric Sleeve?

Can You Get Too Skinny After Gastric Sleeve
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Bariatric surgery includes stomach reduction that physically prevents a person from eating large amounts of food at once. It can be reversible (gastric banding) or irreversible (gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy). Some people, especially those who decide to go for an irreversible surgery, worry that they might lose too much weight. But worry not because bariatric surgery will only help you reach a healthy weight and change your eating habits for the better.

Too Skinny After Gastric Sleeve

Actually that is a very good question, a lot of women ask me that and men asked me if they can get too skinny. No, actually the question they usually ask me is if they can lose more, so no I have never seen a patient say that they are too skinny, they always ask how much more weight can they lose after having the procedure.