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Can You Go to the Gym After Bariatric Surgery?

Can You Go to the Gym After Bariatric Surgery
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While people might think that bariatric surgery will solve all of their weight issues, you have to remember that it will work only if you decide to change your eating and lifestyle habits. That means more healthy food and regular exercise, in or outdoors. Since the recovery after bariatric surgery is relatively quick, you can go to the gym within two weeks of surgery. Most bariatric surgeons recommend you go to the gym and walk on a tread for the first few weeks. Only after your body is fully healed, you can proceed to do harder exercises. 

Gym After Bariatric Surgery

Yes, so the question is can we go, can you go back to the gym after bariatric surgery? Absolutely! You might not do it within the first week but maybe the second and third week, I would love for our patients to get into the gym and start walking. As I stated before exercise will help you get better results and recover faster.