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Can You Perform a Laparoscopic Surgery on Someone With a Mesh?

Can you perform a laparoscopic surgery on someone with a mesh
Table of Contents

If you have an abdominal mesh and thinking of having a laparoscopic surgery, there would be some preliminary checks before you could being cleared. Dr. Choi discusses the situation and identifies some required procedures to determine whether or not surgery could be done.


Laparoscopic Surgery on Someone With a Mesh

Can we apply, or can we do surgery to a person who’s had an abdominal mesh? The answer is yes and no, so how we do that is we would first have to put a small little camera in to make sure there were no adhesions, as long as there were not extensive adhesions, and there was no possible injury to the bowel that could occur, we will be able to do the surgery laparoscopically. However, if there are extensive adhesions and we feel that it’s not safe, we won’t do the surgery.