Obesity & Your Health

Iced Coffee Madness

If you haven’t had a long look at the number of calories in your favorite iced coffee, then you may want to sit down when you finally pull up the numbers. [Read more]

Being Positive for Weight Loss Results

A mindset filled with doom and gloom is only going to bring your mood down, and during a medical weight loss program this can make it difficult to stay positive and optimistic about your health goals. [Read more]

Six Ways to Boost Your Summer Body Confidence

You might long for straw-hat days, yet, feel distraught about the thought of wearing revealing clothes. Seasonal heat, plus fashion, mean people bare more flesh in the summer, and you can’t rely on winter layering to hide a less than perfect figure. Here’s how to boost your body confidence so you enjoy the summertime rather than dread it. [Read more]

7 Facts You Need to Know About Hydration

Hydration is an important topic in fitness because it affects pretty much every aspect of your workout. Your performance, recovery, mental focus, body composition, and even joint health are all affected by your state of hydration. [Read more]

Eating Healthy: A Family Thing

They say all good habits start at home. When it comes to healthy habits, this is certainly true. Living healthily at home can make a huge difference in not only your ability to lose weight, but the ability of your entire family to stay on track with their personal weight management goals. [Read more]