Gastric Band Surgery

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Gastric band surgery is a weight loss surgery that restricts the size of your stomach, making you full faster and causing you to eat less. Gastric band procedures like the LAP-BAND are less invasive surgeries with lower risk of serious complication than gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

How Gastric Band Surgery Works

Gastric banding is a laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, surgery in which your bariatric surgeon places an adjustable band around the upper part of your stomach. Once in place, the band limits the size of the opening into the stomach and creates a smaller stomach pouch above the band and the regular stomach below. The band is adjustable through a small port that lies just under the skin of the abdomen. Your weight loss surgeon can adjust your band by adding or removing the necessary amount of saline through the port.

Advantages of Gastric Band Surgery

  • Short hospital stay and a relatively quick recovery
  • No cutting, stapling or removing pieces of the stomach
  • The band is adjustable without the need of additional surgery
  • Allows you to feel full and satisfied without overeating
  • Gastric banding such as the LAP-BAND procedure is considered to be the safest weight loss surgery available

Is Gastric Band Surgery Right for You?

Although bariatric surgery is proven to be the most effective long-term weight loss solution, it is not right for everyone. Take your time to learn more about your weight loss options before you make your decision. If you believe that gastric banding is the right weight loss surgery choice, there are several factors you will first want to take into consideration:

What to Expect from Your Gastric Band Surgery

What preparations must be made prior to your surgery? How much weight can you expect to lose after your procedure? At what rate will you begin to lose weight? It is important to have a good understanding and realistic expectations of your surgery.

Possible Complications from Gastric Band Surgery

Although your bariatric surgeon will provide you with exceptional care, general complications (as with any surgical procedure) may arise. You want to make sure you understand any potential complications and what steps you can take to prevent them.

Qualifying for Gastric Band Surgery

LAP-BAND and other bariatric surgeries may not be an appropriate treatment method for everyone. To determine your eligibility, Dr. Choi will go through an extensive screening process, which includes your weight and nutrition history, your medical condition, history of drug use and your psychological state.