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How Do You Know if You’ve Overeaten After Bariatric Surgery?

How Do You Know if You_ve Overeaten After Bariatric Surgery
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There are common signs that you’ve overeaten after a gastric sleeve or a gastric bypass, these are in a form sneezing, burping, hiccups, etc. Dr. Choi shares in detail what those signs are and what you can do to prevent overeating.

How Do You Know If You’ve Overeaten After Bariatric Surgery?

Sometimes people have asked me “Dr. Choi, is there a sign of that I’ve overeaten with my gastric bypass or gastric sleeve” and I will tell them yes, some of them are that you have become nauseous, that you are burping, you are hiccuping, or you will have some pain in the stomach and those are signs that you have overeaten. So how do you prevent those things? Many people that I have seen or heard have stated that they make a smaller plate. They’ll get like a butter plate or a bread plate and fill that plate up and if they have eaten that much of food then they know that they can possibly go for another second plate, if not then they know that they have to stop. Another thing is to take time while you are eating and to chew very conservatively. Then the last thing is that to also have maybe frequent meals so that you don’t have to have big meals at each setting.