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Is It Better to Lose Weight or Get Surgery?

Is It Better to Lose Weight or Get Surgery
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Most people who undergo weight loss surgery have been struggling with weight problems for years. They have tried everything, from walking, and exercising, to dieting, and most of the time those strategies prove to be ineffective. Dieting especially, because it has a yo-yo effect – a person starts losing weight because of the diet, only to gain it back the moment they end it. That is why weight loss surgery proved to be a more reliable tool for weight loss. 

Lose Weight or Get Surgery

So due to the NIH consensus, it states that when you try to lose weight or diet on your own, it is called yo-yo dieting. Yes, you will lose weight, then you will gain weight, then you will lose weight and you will gain weight, and the consensus was met by the National Insitute of Health, that surgery is the only cure for obesity.