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Is There a Surgery to Address Severe Acid Reflux?

Is There Surgery to Address Severe Acid Reflux
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Severe acid reflux is literally a pain in the gut. There are a couple of procedures you need to undergo to find out if you qualify for anti-reflux surgery. Dr. Choi shares the type of diagnostic procedures needed and types of surgery usually done for these conditions.

Is There Surgery to Address Severe Acid Reflux?

I’ve been asked sometimes “well Dr. Choi you know I’m not obese but I have this severe burning or reflux or gastroesophageal reflux and I wanted to know if there’s anything that we can do for that?” Yes, so what we would do is we would get proper testing, pH monitoring, EGDs, 24-hour acid monitoring and probes in order to make sure that you are a candidate for some type of anti-reflux surgery. Which are something called Toupets and Nissen Fundoplications, but those are options for people who are not obese and are complaining of heartburn.