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Keith: Lap Band Surgery

Keith weight loss success stories - lap band surgery
Table of Contents

It’s hard to put into words what going to see Dr. Choi has meant to my
life. The best way to say it is he helped save my life! Choosing Dr. Choi
as my Lap Band surgeon was one of the best decisions of my life.

Weight Loss Journey

After spending 11 years in the NFL, my weight got out of control. Before I met Dr.
Choi, I was closer to 400 pounds than 300 and I had lost all hope of
getting my weight under control. After meeting with him, he told me the
truth and gave me the hope I needed to finally win against the excess
weight that I have personally battled my entire life. The surgery was a
breeze and I was home a few short hours afterwards. I was back at work two
days later. I lost a total of 90 pounds in 4 months! And almost 3 years
later, I have been able to keep my weight under control for the first time
in my life! I owe Dr. Choi so much… He changed my life and he can change
yours as well.