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Learning Portion Control Before Weight Loss Surgery

Table of Contents

It may seem confusing to shed the extra pounds before weight loss surgery, but it is an important part of ensuring that the procedure is successful. Whether the procedure is a sleeve gastrectomy or lap band surgery, losing some excess weight can help reduce the number of risks and complications that may arise. Learning proper portion control before the surgery will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Focus on Visual Cues

Proper portion sizes are often smaller than most individuals might expect. Because of this most nutrition experts recommends using visual cues to help prevent overeating at meals. A visual cue is a simple way to identify a proper portion size based on the type of food that is being served.

In general, a single serving size of a fruit or vegetable is about the size of a baseball or a hand that is closed in a fist. In the case of most meats, a serving size is roughly the size of a deck of cards. An ounce of cheese is roughly the size of your thumb and two dice are appropriate for an estimate of sandwich spreads, peanut butter or oils.

Measure the Foods

Although visual cues can be helpful, measuring food will ensure that a meal is served in proper portion sizes. Read the serving size on the food label and then use an appropriate measuring cup to place the food on a plate or in a bowl.

Over time, it will be easier to estimate proper serving sizes without using a measuring cup or spoon. Use a measuring cup with foods such as cereal, pasta and rice.

Over time though your estimates may lose accuracy so recheck them from time to time to make sure they are not growing.

Use Small Plates

A key reason that individuals may eat more than a single serving at a meal is plate size. Large plates can make a serving size look smaller than the actual amount, which results in adding more to the plate.

Instead of using a large plate, opt for a smaller salad plate or use portion-control plates and bowls. Portion-control plates and bowls make it easy to measure food items without wasting any time.

It is not difficult to learn portion control before going through weight loss surgery, but it is important. The habits that you develop before the surgery will help ensure that it is successful and will make it easier to reach the weight loss goals that your surgeon recommends.