Life After Lap Band Surgery

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Laparoscopic band surgery in Miramar and Hialeah Florida, is one of several different types of bariatric surgery that can provide vast health benefits to anyone with severe weight issues. By forming a small pouch at the top of your stomach, the lap band is able to significantly reduce the amount of food that you must consume in order to experience a sense of fullness. Like many solutions, however, the lap band is a tool that must be wielded properly in order to be truly successful.

After your surgery, the pouch will only be able to hold approximately four ounces of food at a time. By eating small portions of food, avoiding high-calorie drinks, and focusing on foods that are low in calories, you can take full advantage of your new limited eating capacity. It’s essential to eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and stop eating when your hunger has dissipated. If you overeat, you may vomit or experience slippage of your lap band.

The lap band is not a quick fix, either, but it can help you to adapt to the lifestyle changes that you need. Getting in the habit of eating three small meals a day with no snacking, drinking at least six to eight cups of water daily, introducing exercise into your routine, and paying attention to nutritional information will help you to experience and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These are habits that should become lifelong, even if you have the lap band removed at some point in the future.

Exercising and eating regularly are only two parts of the process. Attending support group meetings can help you experience an easier transition to life with the lap band, and consistent appointments with your surgeon for check-ups and lap band adjustments will help ensure that you remain on the right path to a healthy weight and lifestyle.