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Michael P. Choi, DO - Bariatric Advanced Laparoscopy

Dr. Michael P. Choi, D.O. is a board-certified general surgeon specializing in Bariatric Weight loss surgery, including the Lap-Band weight-loss surgery. After graduating from Tulane University, Dr. Choi earned his Doctor of Osteopathy from Nova Southeastern University, here in South Florida. He also completed his surgical residency training at Peninsula Hospital in Far Rockaway, NY, where he served as Chief Surgical Resident. Dr. Michael Choi finalized his training by accomplishing a subspecialty fellowship education at University of California Davis, focusing on Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery. It was during that training, Dr. Choi developed intense interest in weight loss surgeries, after witnessing firsthand the amazing results, health and quality of life improvements in patients that underwent bariatric surgeries. Upon completion of his extensive training and advancing his surgical skills, Dr. Choi joined a private practice surgical group at Dobb Ferry Hospital in Dobbs Ferry, NY, where he performed many different weight loss and bariatric surgeries, including Lap-Band and gastric bypass procedures.

Since Dr. Choi was born and raised in South Florida, he eventually decided to come back and help patients in the community that he grew up in and felt very connected to. During the last 12 years since Dr. Michael Choi started his practice in Fort Lauderdale, he has performed over 5,000 successful weight loss procedures and became one of South Florida’s top bariatric weight loss surgeons. Dr. Choi is the only surgeon in all of South Florida who is performing the Davinci Robotic Gastric Sleeve Surgery, which draws patients not only from all over the state, but also from other states and even foreign countries. 

Dr. Choi is credentialed at Broward Health Imperial, Broward Health Medical and Broward Health North. He also serves as a Clinical Instructor of Surgery for Nova Southeastern Medical School and is a respected member of the American Osteopathic Association and the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean, Dr. Choi is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Florida, New York, and California.

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From Dr. Choi

I chose this area of specialization not only because I understand how necessary and life saving the weight loss can be for many people, but also because I find this path extremely rewarding, as I am deeply moved by all the positive changes I see in my patients after they undergo bariatric, gastric or other weight loss surgeries. Seeing how much people’s quality of life improves after all that excess weight they have been carrying around for years and struggling to lose on their own literally melts off them within a few months and seeing excitement, happiness and gratitude in their eyes is what drives my passion for what I do. Since 2006, I have performed over 5,000 successful weight loss procedures and developed deep ties within the South Florida community. I put my extensive experience to work every day, allowing me to help my patients to gain control over their weight, achieve longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives, beaming with all the experiences they wanted, but could not have because of their weight. So, don’t let that one, fairly easily correctable thing stop you from living your life your way.

Michael P. Choi, DO - Bariatric Advanced Laparoscopy