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Patient Testimonial #54 (Espanol)

Table of Contents

Weight loss is a commitment to being healthy and feeling healthy. Patients of Dr. Choi who have undergone bariatric surgery have consistently seen results throughout the years.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient From 2 Years

Hola, soy paciente, volví para chequeo con el Dr. Choi. Oh, casi 2 años después de mi operación, perdí casi unos kilos. Soy una persona diferente otra vez. Tengo 47 años y la verdad me siento como de 37. Y gracias Dr. Choi!

English translation by Google Translate:

Hello, I’m a patient and back for a checkup with Dr. Choi. Almost 2 years after my operation, I lost almost a few kilos. I’m a different person now. I’m 47 years old, and the truth is, I feel like 37. And thank you Dr. Choi!