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Patient Testimonial #57 (Espanol)

Patient 57 Testimonial
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Dr. Choi has been performing general and bariatric surgery for over a decade. Patients from all over the world trust his experience and expertise to lead them toward being healthier and feeling better through bariatric surgery.

Lost 60 Pounds in 2 Years and a Patient From 10 Years

Hola. Soy paciente del Dr. Choi. yo conoci a doctor hace mas de 10 años y lo volvi a buscar porque se que es un buen cirujano. me hizo la cirugia de la banda me siento muy bien se lo recomiendo a cualquiera que quiera hacerse la ciguria el 100% es un excelente medico yo me siento bien aparte de mis problemas medicos me estoy sintiendo s super bien

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Hello. I’m a patient of Dr. Choi. I met the doctor more than 10 years ago and I looked for him again because I know he is a good surgeon. He did the band surgery on me. I feel very good. I recommend him to anyone who wants to have surgery. He is 100% an excellent doctor. I feel good, apart from my medical problems, I am feeling super good.