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Patient Testimonial #63

Patient 63 Testimonial
Table of Contents

A patient of Dr. Choi shares his post-surgery experience from the day he was discharged and the result after two weeks. A fantastic feat of losing 40 pounds in 2 weeks and more to come! Thank you for your trust.

The Story of Losing 40 Pounds in 2 Weeks Through Bariatric Surgery

Hey guys my name is Pete, I’m a patient of Dr. Choi. All I can say is the surgery was so easy um he was very attentive to my needs we went through it. Believe it or not the very next day I stayed at the hospital the very next day on checkout I had to wait for a prescription and I felt so good after the surgery. Instead of waiting for the prescription me and my wife went across the street and went Furniture shopping. um the recovery was fine I actually had made a joke with Dr. Choi the other day and said did you really even do anything to me cuz I feel normal and when we started this process two weeks ago I weighed 398 lbs I just got off the scale I weigh 358 I’ve lost 40 lbs and I feel wonderful.

Dr Choy is definitely the best he um, contrary to what you might read he’s called me every day, sometimes he calls me twice a day and ask me questions make sure I’m feel good make sure I’m healthy and does follow up more than any anyone I know. My brother actually said, look you might be at high risk that’s why he’s calling so much which is not not the truth he was just really concerned that I was doing good and doing well. Um if you’re thinking about having a surgery this is your guy Dr. Choi  the best thanks hopefully you see me in a month with another 40 gone!