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Patient 72 Testimonial
Table of Contents

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery can lead to significant and lasting weight reduction coupled with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Improved health and enhanced life can be of many of its accompanying benefits. Dr. Choi’s patients, having experienced the positive outcomes of weight loss surgery, are pleased with the remarkable results.

Bariatric Surgery Patient Lost 22 Pounds

Hi I’m a patient and I just would like to thank Dr. Choi for giving me my life back. I had surgery on March the 16th, this is now April the 17th, I’m from 255 to 233 and still losing. This surgery has been a great journey for me. I have all my energy back, I feel great! I’m still losing and I just can’t wait to hit my goal. And I just like to thank Dr. Choi again for giving me my life back. Okay thanks!