Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Once you’ve decided to have weight loss surgeryDr. Choi will ensure that you are fully educated and prepared for the procedure you have decided upon. There will be specific things to expect, prepare for and eliminate prior to and after your surgery. These preparations and guidelines are important to ensure that your bariatric experience successful. Before your bariatric surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations and an understanding of the procedure so that you can be effectively prepared.

Instructions before Your Surgery

Once you have been approved for bariatric surgery, Dr. Choi and your weight loss team will provide you with a set of general instructions to prepare for your procedure. There will be more specific steps that you will take in the days leading up to your surgery, but first you will want to complete some generally advised steps in the months leading up to your bariatric procedure.

These steps commonly include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Taking multivitamins
  • Consulting a dietician
  • Beginning with exercise
  • Preparing mentally

The steps you will want to take in the months before your surgery will be specific to the procedure that you are undergoing. These steps are to ensure that your surgery results are successful and without risk of complications.

The Day before Your Bariatric Surgery

The day before your bariatric surgery you will have a specified set of guidelines and a pre-operative schedule—provided by Dr. Choi— for regular activities such as eating, sleeping and showering. You’ll want to take this time to prepare your home for your post-surgery recovery and arrange other requirements for the time following your procedure. You may be asked to alter any medications you are currently taking (including aspirins and ibuprofen).

During Your Bariatric Procedure

You’ll want to ensure that you know what to expect once you have arrived at the hospital. Your weight loss team will help prepare you before you are administered the anesthesia.

Once you are under anesthesia, Dr. Choi will use laparoscopic tools to complete your surgery within 30 minutes to an hour. The duration of your surgery will depend on the type of procedure and will involve either the insertion of a restrictive band around the top portion of your stomach, or the alteration of your stomach to create a sleeve.

Recovering from Bariatric Surgery

After your bariatric surgery is completed, your time in the hospital will be brief. Generally only one to two days is required and then you are able to return home for recovery. You will have specific instructions that Dr. Choi will send you home with including:

  • Specific dietary requirements
  • Limited activity
  • Pain management instructions

It is important to follow your post-surgery instructions closely to prevent any complications or side effects.

Post-Bariatric Surgery Lifestyle

Once you are fully recovered from your weight loss surgery, Dr. Choi will want you to continue with the lifestyle changes that you made prior to your surgery. This is where your weight loss journey begins; you should have a realistic weight loss goal and begin to effectively work towards it. You’ll want to closely watch your diet, exercise habits and lifestyle choices. Your moods, attitude and sleep habits will also be critical in optimizing your surgery results.