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Is Robotic Surgery Less Exhaustive to Surgeons Doing Longer Surgeries?

Is Robotic Surgery Less Exhaustive To Surgeons Doing Longer Surgeries
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There might be several reasons why some surgeons prefer robotic surgery. Some of them might be related to the fact that the robotic system used in robotic surgery provides better visibility and more control during the surgery. It also requires less physical force and allows surgeons to operate while sitting down. 

Is Robotic Surgery Less Exhaustive

Robotic surgery a better fit for a physician? Yes, because you are not as stressed, you are not, you’re not over stressed meaning that you’re not using so much physical force to perform the surgery. It is a less tense surgery for the surgeon because he’s sitting at a console whereas doing laparoscopic surgery you’re standing near the patient and if you have a high BMI patient, it will drain the strength out of a doctor so robotic surgery only helps patients regardless of their BMI and also helps the surgeon with less fatigue.