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Staying Healthy During The COVID Ordeal

Table of Contents

There’s no denying that the coronavirus has changed life as we know it. Gone are the days of being able to step outside our homes to shop, dine out, or even just walk around the block. Stay at home orders and social distancing has forced people across the country to stay home. Even schools are shut down in the middle of the academic year and students are learning online. While all of these measures are designed to protect us from the highly contagious coronavirus, it has wreaked havoc with our physical and mental health.

The big question is how do we stay physically and mentally fit while staying home and social distancing? All that sitting around is the surest way to gain weight, which is the last thing you want. Letting yourself go and putting on weight can result in several health consequences including Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure, which in turn can cause even more serious health problems. A healthy lifestyle is paramount during this time.

The good news is, staying healthy during this time doesn’t have to be difficult. Dr. Choi has some simple-to-follow tips and advice on staying healthy during the COVID ordeal.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Yes, panic buying has created all kinds of food shortages. But you know what’s interesting? People are mostly stocking up on non-perishables, canned foods, and strangely enough, junk food, leaving the produce aisles full of fresh, healthy greens. So there’s no excuse not to eat healthy.

One way to make sure that you are eating balanced meals is to make a meal plan for the week before you go out shopping for groceries. You may not get everything on your list at this time but you’re sure to be able to find suitable alternatives. The truth is, we often make the mistake of overthinking when it comes to eating healthily. Check out these 12 Foods that are both delicious and healthy. Make sure you get enough of these foods and you’ll be on your way to losing weight without going on a disastrous yo-yo diet.

And yes, it’s okay to pick up a few treats. Indulging now and then is good for the soul, and it won’t derail your diet.

Look For Ways to Stay Active During Covid

Tempted to spend the day on the couch because your local gym is closed? It doesn’t have to be gym or anything. There are other ways to get in some much-needed exercise at home even if you don’t have any exercise equipment. Just take a look online for inspiration. For example, here’s a simple way to get lifting without dumbbells, kettlebells, or traditional weights.

Even if you are working from home, make time to get off your computer and schedule some exercise during the day. As a bonus, you’ll lose weight too. Imagine being able to show off your new svelte self while others are bemoaning their weight gain after the lockdown is lifted.

Stay In Touch With Family and Friends

Social distancing only refers to maintaining physical distance from others when you go outdoors. It doesn’t mean not talking to anyone. Today, technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends all over the world. Staying connected helps to reduce the risks of isolation, depression, and anxiety attacks. Protecting your mental health is just as important as your physical health during this time of extreme stress.

Don’t Binge On Covid News or Netflix

Many people joke about having all the time in the world to binge on Netflix while they are stuck indoors. Others are obsessed with watching the news and trying to stay updated on what’s going on. Both of these are detrimental to your mental health in the long run. It’s far better to spend your time in more productive and healthier pursuits and bonding with family.

Instead of everyone spending time in front of their screens, get together for some fun group games, whether it is a fun game of Pictionary, charades, or some board game. This is also the perfect time to pick up on past hobbies that you may have given up or start a new one. These activities nourish the soul and create happy memories that ultimately carry us through rough times ahead.

As you can see, staying physically and mentally healthy even during the COVID ordeal is not as difficult as we make it out to be. The key is to stay focused and committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most important of all, remember that long-term consistency beats short-term intensity.

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