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How Much Weight Should I Have Lost Three Months After Gastric Sleeve?

How Much Weight Should I Have Lost 3 Months After Gastric Sleeve
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Weight loss after bariatric surgery is a gradual process, unlike liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries, which provide results almost immediately. With bariatric surgery, your appetite decreases, and with that, you start losing weight over time. In the first few months, your weight loss might not be what you expected. But with dietary and lifestyle changes, combined with the surgery, you might lose up to forty or fifty pounds in the first three months. But your weight loss does not end there. Sometimes, the best results of the surgery are visible a few years later, with the possibility of losing eight percent of your excess weight.

Weight Loss Three Months After Gastric Sleeve

So with my patients after I operate on them they usually lose a minimum of 10 to 15 pounds per month. So after three months, you’re looking at thirty pounds to forty-five pounds on average. Now some people might be better than that because they’re so happy that they’re losing weight that they actually go and they change their lifestyle and become more active and they don’t want to go back to their sedentary lifestyle as they were before.