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What Can’t You Do After Gastric Sleeve?

What Can’t You Do After Gastric Sleeve
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While some bariatric procedures, including gastric sleeves, include surgical removal of one part of the stomach pouch, which can reduce nutrient absorption, that does not prevent a person from doing anything. While you might not be hitting the gym or lifting heavy in the first few weeks after the procedure, frequent walking and light exercising are recommended. Once your body is fully healed, there is nothing you can’t do with a gastric sleeve.

After Gastric Sleeve

So what can you or can’t do after gastric sleeve? There is no limitation on what you can and can’t do after a sleeve. Obviously the first week of surgery, I’m not expecting you to go and do a marathon, however, I want you to become more active, I want you to have a social lifestyle, and start going to the gym, and changing lifestyle so that you will have a healthier and more pragmatic lifestyle than you did before.